Testimonials and Praise
for Claudia Arnold-Sawaf and Afflowent™

Just the presence of Claudia Sawaf made me chill, breathe and relax when it comes to money & finances...Claudia is kind of my "yoga teacher" of financial flow & alignment. I am forever grateful she is in my life! Her message will liberate millions of people, especially women, when it comes to freedom & awareness not only in finances, but in life.    What a gift Afflowent is for the world! Let it enrich and empower your world and make sure to share & invite everybody you know cause this is a game changer.  

Angelika Maria Almirall-Torrel Fürstler  www.angelikafurstler.com  "Lotus Underwater Film"

Claudia is a collaborative and strategic leader. It makes perfect sense that she’s in the wealth management industry because she truly gives like no one else! I’ve known Claudia just shy of a decade and she is a first-class professional. She is the perfect example of living our values for the world. Claudia has excellent attention to detail, an authentic care for her clients, and a strategic approach to problem solving. Her network is excellent. Doing business together is easy! She’s always available to talk through potential challenges and opportunities and grounds her advice in reliable research. Claudia is one in a million.

Sara P.
Attorney and Consultant

Claudia has both a gentle and direct style. Her coaching takes you to the next level because her perspective is right on. She's insightful and inspiring. Claudia is a joy to know and you'll be forever quite positively changed by her work!

Wayne D. P., PhD

Claudia is one of those rare humans who asks a question and truly wants to know the answer. When she asks how you are or how she might support or help you, she genuinely wants to know. This, among her many talents and extraordinary skills, has contributed to her success in business and in life. Given the opportunity to work with Claudia in any capacity, I say yes, every time. I recommend you do, too.

Lauren S.

Claudia is one of the most remarkable Advisors that I have had the privilege of watching and applauding as she began her career.  Her ability to bring her high service skill set from the hospitality industry and apply it to financial services was unique.  Clients and colleagues all rave about her and so do I !!!

Ron Harkey
Owner, Coaching for Achievement and Financial Services Consultant 


Claudia is a very professional, caring & amazing person.

Maria Yazdani


Best experience ever.  I felt safe and well-saved.  Thank you.

Tom Arnold



The best, that simple!

Andreas Runggatscher


Claudia and I worked for Inter Con in UAE and what a great time we had working together.  I found Claudia to be a very confident and professional person who took her job very seriously.  She is a fun and motivating person and encourages people to improve and move further in life.  Her team members spoke very highly of her and she was well respected among them.  I am very grateful to her for giving me a break at Royal Mirage that changed my life and career and that is the kind of person Claudia is. i.e. trustworthy, honest and a great friend.  I wish Claudia a great success in her life and career.

Aamir Khan
General Manager at The Danna Langkawi Resort, Malaysia


Claudia is the perfect balance between finesse, knowledge, experience, humility, strength and skill. She is amazing with what she does for her clients. If I was in need of a comprehensive, objective financial advisor, who will look after the best financial interest of my family, I would want to work with her.

Diane P. Z.
V.P. of Wealth Planning &
Investment Advisor Representative

We worked together developing training programs for the women's division at Trilogy. Claudia has impeccable integrity and a wonderful drive to serve her clients, always putting them first. The spontaneity of knowing what was needed to enhance the ability for her team created a most pleasurable working experience. I highly recommend Claudia for her wisdom, knowledge and the great desire to serve.

June D, PhD
Association President