You're in high-school or started college and really want to start your first business. Here are the 5 most important tools to get started! 

Entrepreneur Survival guide 

"What business is right for me? How do I get started?  What will it cost? How do I get clients?" Those are common questions you should be asking yourself. Let us help you get your business off the ground and understand the money strategies around it!  - Claudia Arnold-Sawaf

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"No matter how small your first business might be, you need those five simple tools to get started & to make $$."

- Claudia Arnold-Sawaf, Owner & Founder of Wealth Management Firm, Speaker, Trainer & Coach 

Watch this free video and download the tool free. You'll learn:

  • #1 reason many start-up's fail 
  • Why "selling" is so important and how to start loving "sales"
  • How do you write a simple one page business plan and what the heck is a business plan anyways? 
  • Success stories of other teen entrepreneurs
  • The three C's of business success 
  • WHAT no one tells you ahead of time! 

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