The Afflowent Life

wealth Oct 13, 2021

What does it mean to live an Afflowent Life? 

Since we launched, people ask, you mean Affluent right? To which I respond, no, you heard it right, it's Afflowent and while this absolutely incorporates affluence, living the afflowent life is not just about money, but so much more.

It means living authentically, in ease and flow, living in abundance over scarcity, being kind to ourselves. We believe in KNOWING, over "No-ing". I love this quote from the wonderful Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics. (Please do check out Jamie's new book "Believe IT" - how to go from underestimated to unstoppable). We give credit to ourselves, knowing just how smart we are and that we are important! And if something doesn't work out the first time, we do not give up, but sharpen the pencil, learn, course correct and try different approaches. 

Being Afflowent, we see beauty in everything, the miracle of life, the beauty of nature, the changes in the universe and we know that life happens for us (not to us). 

We realize that no one can put labels on us, unless we allow them to. Girls are not good with investing as an example. Well let me bust that myth. Women make better investors than guys.. sorry guys! We have patience, intuition, discipline and are even tempered. I know I'm generalizing, but am also privileged to research data that proves my point. 

In Afflowence, we don't think small or make ourselves small (so others can feel bigger in our presence. Nope!) We believe in our greatness! Please look up and follow Lia Valencia Key, the queen of believing in herself and going BIG coming from humble beginnings. As a reminder of this, I proudly wear Lia's prosperity bracelet and absolutely love it! 

We nurture our bodies, as NO BODY, nobody, right! And when we do so, by honoring ourselves, by improving our energy and vitality levels that allows us to live up to our highest potential. It is truly part of self-care and self-love. Personally, I get guidance from experts such as my dear friend Serena Poon, Celebrity Chef, Reiki Master, Speaker, Coach and human extraordinaire. My sister for life Angelika Fuerstler, Vegan Chef and the queen of Sprouts around the world, taught me to grow my own high vibe food. And thanks to Dr. Barry Morguelan and everyone at Energy for Success, I learned to access source energy (it's physics - I get that question a lot. I've always been a quantum physics nerd) This helps me fuel all my goals and all that I set out to accomplish with much more ease and flow (afflowent!

In the afflowent life we also make our Voices heard for what we believe in and share our knowledge with others in support and to inspire and empower one another. And there is no one better to teach us how to make our voices heard than the amazing, loving, genuine, the real deal Roger Love, the number one celebrity voice coach in the world and someone I am blessed to call a dear friend (who also calls me out, when he knows I can do better - thank you Roger!) 

You see, Life is about more than Money, BUT, and that's a big one, Life is still about abundance in all areas and that includes finances. Because let's face it. Having money allows us a lot of freedom. Freedom to support our families, communities, give in charity and make a difference. Living in Afflowence means living a well rounded life, with peace of mind.  

And here's the thing, we all have super powers, which I encourage you to always celebrate. And we all know that in some areas we feel we need to learn more and acquire skills to become more confident and competent. 

You see it takes a village and living an Afflowent life, being part of Our Movement and Community, means we learn together, empower one another, reach for higher bigger better goals and think BIG. We take moment by moment, we grow, we have wins and we celebrate with one another. We are win-win people who look out for one another, build beautiful trust relationship and always look to add value. 

I am beyond grateful to everyone one of my mentors, supporters, win-win friends (too many who have also greatly impacted me to mention here), incredible clients, mentees and all the women in our community who I celebrate.

I celebrate YOU and ME for being on this journey to living our best lives as uniquely authentic women, never being afraid of learning or asking others to help lift us up.

Sending you all so much love !! Stay tuned for more exciting news soon.

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