What "Pain" teaches us

goals May 09, 2021

I currently have the opportunity to support my daughter in her healing journey with a bad ankle sprain. Talk about Pain - the physical kind, that can't be ignored. After a couple of weeks of absolute rest, she started her treatments today toward a full recovery. And as the incredible Dr Tim at Pacifica Wellness works with her, as he does with so many young athletes, he worked on getting the circulation back into her leg. And this is when Leena is literally sweating from pain, biting her lips... And all I can think of and blurt out in encouragement for her, is: ”Honey, pain equals progress, you got this!” And she was truly such a trooper and role model of what it means to face the pain, allow it to take appropriate actions to move past it, forward, onward and upward.

And then I had a moment to think about the "Pain = Progress" I just had a chance to witness. Doesn't this apply to any pain. All too often, especially when it is not physical pain, but emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship pains, we have become so accustomed to just numb the pain. Ignorance is bliss, right? It never is though, and we want to live in absolute reality and instead realize that pain is an opportunity to grow, progress and ultimately heal.

Pain tells us that we have an opportunity to reach, gather the data, and change our approach for a present and future without that pain! What approaches brought up the pain, and what or how can we make improvements. Allowing ourselves to feel the pain, doesn't mean however to to give the emotions and thoughts any momentum but catch the pain when it’s small and change approach right away. 

Take financial pains as an example. Catch the pain when it's small, gather the data, learn and put all your positive energy toward taking action out of the pain. Just realize that pain highlights the enormous opportunities, and if not ignored, does bring about positive change. 

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”- Tony Robbins

The next time you feel pain, go into gratitude mode and ask yourself this: ”What is this pain teaching me right now?” “How do I change my approach, what actions can i take right now to put myself on the path of healing, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially and so on”. And just as I said to Leena this morning, You Got this! We got this! I believe in us. 

Remember to be kind to yourself and others and live an afflowent life 


Special thanks to Dr. Tim (IG: @DrTim) for the exceptional care, your commitment to working with our young athletes and all your other patients who benefit from the holistic functional medicine you practice and offer at Pacifica Wellness (www.pacificawellness.com



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