How Afflowent Are You?

To be afflowent is truly more than having a great deal of money or wealth.

To be afflowent implies an abundance mindset, confidence and competence around personal finance

To be afflowent means Wealth and Abundance reaches into all areas of a JOY-filled, inspired life

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Just the presence of Claudia Sawaf made me chill, breathe and relax when it comes to money & finances...Claudia is kind of my "yoga teacher" of financial flow & alignment.    I am forever grateful she is in my life! Her message will liberate millions of people, especially women, when it comes to freedom & awareness not only in finances, but in life.     What a gift Afflowent is for the world! Let it enrich and empower your world and make sure to share & invite everybody you know cause this is a game changer.  

Angelika Maria Almirall-Torrel Fürstler

Claudia is one of those rare humans who asks a question and truly wants to know the answer. When she asks how you are or how she might support or help you, she genuinely wants to know. This, among her many talents and extraordinary skills, has contributed to her success in business and in life. Given the opportunity to work with Claudia in any capacity, I say yes, every time. I recommend you do, too.

Lauren S.

Claudia has both a gentle and direct style. Her coaching takes you to the next level because her perspective is right on. She's insightful and inspiring. Claudia is a joy to know and you'll be forever quite positively changed by her work!

Wayne D. P., PhD



The best, that simple!

Andreas Runggatscher