Why Afflowent and Why Now?

Many know me as a wealth manager where everything I do empowers, educates, inspires and motivates my clients to positive action. Over the past 20+ years, I have helped women become wealthy and stay wealthy. I have met hundreds of women who have shared their money stories, experiences and fears. They talk about mixed emotions, a thirst for knowledge and security, and the inevitable lack of resources and, sadly, confidence. Hey, I'm just like you. Everyday I work on redirecting old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me.

To be fair, I do have one unfair advantage: Understanding money has been my passion. And, my years of experience allow me to take this overly complicated financial system and  "un-complicate" it for YOU! 

After so many years, I know deep down that now is my time lean in and step up! And, it is yours. It is our time to create a massive shift to eliminate anxiety and make peace with money! It is time to eliminate fear and help you attract and make money, so you can create the amazing future you deserve! 

The Afflowent method and strategies are designed to guide us to re-write our money stories and make financial decisions with confidence and peace of mind! YOU will take charge and successfully navigate your future!

Ladies, this is our time. And, this is our movement. Making money doesn't have to be complicated! Join now with incredible women just like you. Together we will eliminate anxiety and make peace with money!

You will embrace the spirit of learning and sharing in a supportive environment. No more "ugly crying while eating ice-cream on the kitchen floor" - I get it! Now is the time to leave our old stories behind and look ahead! 

Let's fix this lifelong challenge and move forward together! Let's commit to create what’s next for YOU – your power, your influence, your voice, your  greatest impact.

Financial Freedom, YOUR Financial Freedom, an Empowered, Confident, Fearless YOU is waiting for you!

Together we will make a difference in all our futures. Imagine the power we will create for the generations to come.

They say “When you educate a woman, you educate a Nation.” I say, “When you create educated, FEARLESS women, you change the world!”

Join the Afflowent movement.

May you always be kind to yourself and others, and live an Afflowent life.


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