The state of Afflowence suggests that we live in an abundance mindset, feel at ease, attract the flow of money, and simply live a rich and fulfilled life. Join us in our quest to live an afflowent life and spend quality time with like minded women on the journey to financial empowerment.

Our courses are taught with clear and simple language, starting with mindset and simple techniques to remove negative blocks from our thoughts around money and later easing us into important topics around personal finance we carefully researched. The outcome will be a confident, competent  and relaxed approach to money and a life of afflowence.

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Decide today, to join the movement and learn to live an afflowent life. Take charge of your finances, your life and your happiness. Enroll for our courses, memberships and join a community of empowered women. 

Join us in living in afflowence!

"Just the presence of Claudia made me chill, breathe and relax when it comes to money & Finances.. Claudia is kind of my "yoga teacher" of financial flow and alignment. I am forever grateful she is in my life! Her message will liberate millions of people, especially women, when it comes to freedom & awareness not only in finances but in life. What a gift Afflowent is fo the world! Let it enrich and empower your world and make sure to share & invite everybody you know, because this is a game changer. - Angelika Maria Almirall Fuerstler

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