Ladies, Making Money Doesn't Have To Be Complicated! 

We are a community of women building wealth and remove  anxiety with money, so they can feel confident in their ability to make the right financial decisions. 

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At Afflowent we shift to a state of being at peace with money!  

Ladies, making money doesn't have to be complicated!

For the past 20 years, I have helped clients become wealthy & stay wealthy. But you should know, the financial industry was not created to work in our favor. It is filled with mathematical models, jargon, contrived words, testosterone and a clear disregard for our needs. It’s no wonder we think of finance with a sense of unease. 

I am here to tell you that we can take charge. We can absolutely shift from anxiety to confidence and take command of our financial situation. I can and will teach you. You will see! We will learn together, make money with ease, attract what we desire and deserve, and once for all make financial decisions that will make us proud.

Here’s the thing – it isn’t just the industry and Wall Street that are stacked against us. Our biggest challenge is our mind. It’s that little voice that keeps telling us money stories from our past, lies and myths – that we are not capable, not smart enough, money is not a game for girls. I call BS!

Together we will quiet and correct the voice that doesn’t serve us. We will realize that the past does not define us. It is in our power to grow, change, excel and write our new money story!

Together we will reach the Afflowent State of Being at PEACE with our financial decisions.

How Afflowent Are You?

We all deserve to live in a state of "Afflowence" - savoring the abundant flow of life with gratitude.

To be AFFLOWENT is more than having a great deal of money or wealth.

To be AFFLOWENT is an abundance mindset, confidence and proven competence with personal finance

To be AFFLOWENT is wealth and abundance guiding all areas of a joy-filled, inspired life

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