Our Mission

Is to empower and enrich women's lives and legacies through impactful money education. We all deserve to live in a state of "Afflowence" - enjoying flow, gratitude and abundance.

A little bit about my WHY

Many know me as a wealth manager, and that everything we do is to educate, inspire and motivate our clients to financial freedom and positive action. Every day I come in contact with women who tell me their stories about money. Their mixed emotions, thirst for knowledge and security, yet lack of resources. 

So I decided to step up, and provide exactly the situation and insights that women need to create the positive future they deserve! Knowing that by working together, we can absolutely make a change!

Let me share with you the strategies, so that each decision we make is based on total confidence! YOU can take charge and finally live your life forward! 

YOU NEED to be part of our movement, and join with incredible women like yourself. Afflowent embraces the spirit of learning and sharing in a supportive environment. 

We just passed through the #MeToo movement, and many of us are still wondering what’s next. 

So let’s get together and make those decisions, decide and create what’s next for YOU. Find your power, influence, and your voice to make the greatest impact.

Now that the door is open, join me and together we’ll figure out what’s on the other side of your door – Financial Freedom, Empowerment, Confidence and a Fearless Life!

Along with joining our group, you’ll receive select bonuses to create step-by -step breakthroughs, starting with my “Women’s Guide to Financial Freedom”. I’ll also introduce you to some of my colleagues - surprise, influential guests, who will visit, and teach us exactly what we need to know from them.

Together we can make a difference in our own future, as well as empower women for generations to come. They say “When you educate a woman, you educate a Nation”. I say, “When you create educated, FEARLESS women, you change the world!”

Join the movement. You deserve an afflowent and fulfilled life. 


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At Afflowent, we are giving you the competence and confidence to take charge of your financial life and future

We're determined to help you navigate through all of the noise to be accomplished about your money and life decisions

Monthly Live Casts

Join the "Netflix" of Personal Finance. Learn from and with likeminded, motivated women, become part of a movement of empowered, confident and competent women, dedicated to leave a footprint on this earth. 

Each month we will learn in a relaxed, judgement free zone, with live instructions and live Q&A's (and some fun give-away's). I’ll also introduce you to some of my colleagues - surprise, influential guests, who will visit, and teach us exactly what we need to know from them.

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Empowerment Courses

For deeper dives on all things finance and money, join our 5 week course, filled with learning materials and action items to move the needle.

After completing the course, you will feel confident, competent to make decisions that are right for YOU. You'll know how to select the right financial advisor and what questions to ask. After all, it's YOUR money and YOUR life!  

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Exclusive Retreats

We thrive when we learn from and with powerful women in a quaint and peaceful environment. In our exclusive retreats, we not only learn together, but build long lasting relationships in which we encourage one another. We build our tribe of cheerleaders we can count on, when we return to the real world. 

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It's my time to take charge 

Money doesn't control me, I am in charge and will design my ideal life. I will master my money and master my life!